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Open Source Friday Recap: Slinkity and TinaCMS

Typically, developers don’t push to production on Fridays, which is why Friday is the perfect day to contribute to Open Source. Every Friday at GitHub, we stream Open Source Friday on Twitch with host Brian Douglas and the maintainer of a rising open source project. It’s an opportunity to learn how they built the tool and how you can contribute.


On Oct 8, 2021, we chatted with Slinkity’s author and owner, Ben Holmes.

What is it?

Slinkity is a plugin that can extend any 11ty site. If you’re not familiar with 11ty, it’s a static generator site. Ben describes Slinkity as the glue between 11ty and Vite. With Slinkity, you can use shortcodes to insert React components and quickly transform HTML files into JSX files. Currently, it is available as an early alpha version, so it’s not ready for production just yet, but stay tuned for frequent updates.

Why was it made?

During quarantine, Ben rewrote his personal website using 11ty but wished for an easy way to insert components into his site, so he created a way to do it. He credits the launch of his project to members of various Discord communities for encouraging him to just “ship it.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Slinkity:

Explore the codebase and contribute to Slinkity:

GitHub logo slinkity / slinkity

To eleventy and beyond! The all-in-one tool for templates where you want them, component frameworks where you need them 🚀

Slinkity - To eleventy and beyond

License: MIT Twitter: slinkitydotdev


🚧 This project is heavily under construction! 🚧 As excited as you may be, we don't recommend this early alpha for production use. Still, give it a try if you want to have some fun and don't mind logging bugs along the way :)

Slinkity is the simplest way to handle styles and component frameworks on your 11ty site. Once installed, this:

  • 🚀 Unlocks component frameworks like React for writing page templates and layout templates. Turn an existing .html or .liquid file into a .jsx file, and you're off to the componentized races.
  • 🔖 Includes powerful shortcodes to insert components into existing pages. Add a line like this to your markdown, HTML, Nunjucks, etc, and watch the magic happen: {% react 'path/to/component' %}
  • 💧 Hydrates these components when and how you want. Use component frameworks as a static template to start, and opt-in to shipping JS as needed with…


On Oct 15, 2021, we chatted with James Perkins, a Developer Advocate for TinaCMS.

What is it?

TinaCMS is a visual editing experience for content stored as Markdown, JSON, or MDX (which is coming soon). The team recognized that while popular content management systems like WordPress allow you to edit and see your content before publishing, many JAMStack tools don’t.

TinaCMS provides content writers and editors with immediate visual feedback by enabling developers to edit and rearrange content around as needed on JAMStack applications.

How does it work?

To install TinaCMS and create an easy visual editing experience for your site, you only need to install the npm package into your application with this one line: npx @tinacms/cli init. This line will generate all files and tools needed to use TinaCMS.Under the hood, a GraphQL layer powers the content editing experience.

Watch the video below to learn more about TinaCMS:

Explore the codebase and contribute to TinaCMS:

GitHub logo tinacms / tinacms

A fully open-source headless CMS that supports Markdown and Visual Editing

GitHub license npm version Build, Test, Lint for Main

All Contributors


Tina Demo

Tina is a headless content management system with support for Markdown, MDX, JSON, Yaml, and more.

It comes with a GraphQL API:

  • Query your Markdown content like this 👉
  • Supports statically generated and server side rendered pages
  • Supports references between documents

Tina offers a live preview (optional and opt-in) that makes editing Markdown files very intuitive for less-technical people.

Getting Started

Test a TinaCMS starter site locally

npx create-tina-app@latest

Or try a demo site on Tina Cloud


Visit Tina's documentation to learn more.


Tweet Forum

Visit the GitHub Discussions or our Community Discord to ask questions, or look us up on on Twitter at @tinacms.


Please see our ./


All Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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