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Highlights of the Gitlab 13.8

As the next step of advancement, Gitlab is all set with its 13.8 version providing its users with deployment frequency dashboard, pipeline editor, CI lint tool and many more features simplifying the work life.

The visual pipeline has been the talk over the version which had its primary aim of contributing towards the high degree of flexibility with the CI/CD. It certainly spurts the DevOps performance taking it up to a new level.

Let us traverse a few key highlights of the version in detail:

  • The Pipeline Editor: Seeking to configure your pipeline? The pipeline editor provides your best chance of grouping up the prevailing, and the upcoming CI features onto a unique location, hence shooting up the convenience level to the rookies and the experienced developers.
    The CI validation comes with a brand new package of indicator scrutinizing the configuration validity.

    Take a look at the pipeline editor MVC
  • Validation of the test failure: The pipeline execution of the merge request, allows you to monitor the count of test failures on the Test Summary Merge Request Widget. This feature provides you with accurate results in case of a distorted test.
    However, the test feature accepts feedback with a motive of providing an extended UX.

  • Graphical representation of pipeline configuration: Having a tough time getting your head over the pipeline's behaviour? 13.8 has it sorted out by introducing a visual representation of .gitlab-ci.yml configuration which improves the understanding, in turn, contributes to the better performance of the pipeline.

  • Monitoring the deployments: Designed to monitor the deployments are the deployment frequency charts that are into effect from the project level.
    So these DORA metrics for the Gitlab would enable you to monitor and make improvizations on your team.

Apart from these highlights, 13.8 has taken a step forward in emailing an issue, addressing a multiline issue, working on MR widgets and swiftly rebasing an MR branch. Gitlab 13.8 has made itself available even for the Kubernetes.

The future releases are on track to provide its users with access control. The propositions made concerning the access control includes: Attaching Grafana pods to Gitlab OAuth services and adding the ability to configure the Gitlab pages access control manually.

With the above-boosting enhancements on the line, we are sure to expect a charged release in the future not very far away.

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