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What's new in the GitLab release: 13.2 ?

Excited for the new GitLab 13.2 features? Well, Web-based open-source DevOps lifecycle tool now supports the Agile streamlining and project management that aids issue tracking and collaboration.
Let’s sneak peek into its new ingredients!
Hear it out Scrum or XP teams, the iterations and milestones can now be assigned to associate an issue for more than one timebox. The Container Host Security that uses Falcon offers the security to its container at the host level.
The Figma plug-in for the design upload; Cluster health monitoring for system performance check, Epic Confidentiality on work items, Composer Repositories to check on the project dependencies and Feature Flag to view the project status and milestone details are some of the flashing features of the 13.2.
The integration with Jira throws light on workflow and facilitates collaboration. Before the application could be merged into the code, Load performance testing features customises the load. Stunning! Isn’t it a good integration option over a few Version Control Systems?
The complementary features that include the deployment of multiple Kubernetes Cluster and managing Application Logs in GitLab UI - Feather on the cap.
Your extensive use of .gitlab-ci.yml file in 12.10, 12.6 and 12.9 versions during the creation of release tags, the Extended Release evidence and Dynamic Child Pipelines; becomes a cake-walk by the 13.2 expansion through the use of 'release' keyword in the CI/CD files, incorporation of CI test results in its JSON file and configurable Jssonet data templating language respectively.
Improvements in Audit event, managing user credentials, bulk edition from the issue list, minimizing milestone section of the Roadmap and REST API support are few of the smooth feature extensions.
Cool facets like IBM z/OS Mainframe support and advanced global search make your 13.2 a better Agile project planning and management tool.
Getting a hang of 13.2 features isn’t tedious if you want to try Agile in an open-source DevOps tool, hence ​A must try Tool!​

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Sunil Vijay

Well written article