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Wondering what's in Gitlab 13.5?

Wouldn't you agree with the fact that the excitement of using a feature-based system - Gitlab, is in staying updated with the current milestones?
Well, it sums up to the Tentpole features essential in current and all the upcoming releases, which include contributors within the company.

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  • The new 13.5 bring the exciting new management features of importing the epics while performing a group import, authenticate data for a source instance and also offers a truncated view of the total number of projects for each user.
  • When talking about planning features of the new Gitlab, note that the Product manager or a team lead along with the product designer and software developers would be able to view the count of each blocked issues in the issue list having resolved the tasks. Besides 13.5 allows you to import the requirements through CSV files apart from importing Issues in this format.
  • The premium feature of having a wiki in the group containing several projects provides feasibility to support one wiki at a group level. If you're a Jira Administrator, someone from Gitlab project group, or an instance owner then this provision for a list of Transition IDs gathered from previously entered end-points; while configuring the Jira Project or group integration or service template, would sweep you off your feet. Of course, the Application Security team are in charge of reviewing the work to prevent the attackers.
  • You can now load and validate the default config with the Lint tool automatically.
  • During the release phase, "Feature Flags" are moved to the core.
  • The visual of the roll-out traffic is given by the implementation of Scale-Up/Scale-Down switch from the deploy boards.
  • The 13.5 lets you install the Gitlab Kubernetes Agent with Omnibus.
  • Gitlab 13.5 now can sort the issue and merge request in the scope of advanced search beside letting Epics found on a basic search. While 13.6 is due in November, we can agree upon the fact that Gitlab 13.5 has reached a commendable milestone.

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Gary Bell

I'm looking forward to it. Mainly because I have a few (trivial) changes in the release. Only stuff to help the migration away from Bootstrap but adding additional classes to buttons, but still.