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JSNation to Be the Main Happening of the JavaScript Scene in 2020

JSNation Conference is coming back with a completely revamped edition in June 2020

If you were lucky enough to attend JSNation 2019, you know what to expect from our events: lots of renowned speakers, both inspirational and technical talks, amazing venue, countless networking opportunities, progressive art exhibition, and a JS-driven party. However, it’s not just that. The upcoming JSNation Conference is going to be the major event of the JavaScript Scene in 2020, something you can’t afford to miss out on.

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to attend the last year’s edition, here’s what you missed: an amazing historical venue in the heart of Amsterdam, three days of insightful talks and practical workshops branched out into general and Node.js tracks, more than 500 attendees from all corners of the world, JS-driven afterparty program of audiovisual acts powered by Node.js, WebGL, and WebAudioAPI.

The Zuiderkerk Church was taken by storm with the gripping keynote delivered by Kyle Simpson, the renowned author of You Don’t Know JS, and the atmosphere was pushed even further with one powerful talk after another: Henry Zhu discussed his arduous open source journey, Tobias Koppers explained the upcoming changes in Webpack, Andre Staltz live-coded functional lenses, Mat Groves showed his mastermind artsy creations with PixiJS and WebGL, and David Rousset from Microsoft played his own game on stage in VR.

There were many other insightful talks and conversations which can’t be covered in a two-paragraph wrap-up; however, trust us, it was a lot of fun. Don’t worry if you missed it, because JSNation is coming back!

Check out our new venue

Are you ready to spend another beautiful summer in Amsterdam? Are you ready to be inspired by the inexhaustible wells of knowledge of speakers, core maintainers of popular libraries, authors of books, famous podcasters, and other JavaScript celebrities?

The sacred gravitas and respectability of the previous venue will give way to the collaborative ambience that’s so integral to the event’s new venue, that is Kromhouthal. With the place being a little further away from the city’s downtown, you’ll get a chance to take a ferry to and from the venue and thus enjoy the stunning scenery on both banks of the IJ channel.

The industrial atmosphere, deep focus on JavaScript, with all talks revisiting and refashioning the old and new JavaScript technologies, an endless flow of productive conversations with the strategic insertion of brilliant ideas, the alchemical laboratory of JS musical and visual art, not to mention free drinks and a lot of fun – this is what we can guarantee 100%.

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See the first speakers on the lineup

It’s still too early to announce the full lineup, but we’re happy to announce that Sarah Drasner, Tobias Koppers, and Matteo Collina are coming to give amazing talks among other 30+ speakers and more than 1000 attendees.

Our website has been updated with the most important info, and Regular tickets are now available!

Are you ready for JS Nation 2020? Because we are!

About GitNation

GitNation is a foundation contributing to the development of the technological landscape by organizing events which focus on the open source software. We organize meaningful and entertaining JavaScript conferences and meetups, connecting talented engineers, researchers, and core teams of important libraries and technologies.

Besides offering single conference tickets, the organization also sells a GitNation Multipass providing discounted access to multiple remote JavaScript conferences and workshops.

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