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Discussion on: Nasa Open Source Goes to Mars | GitHub and the Ingenuity Helicopter

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Liam Arbuckle

I had my own small part to play in the Mars Rover, as my team and I participated in the 2019/20 (run by NASA/JPL) to create a reinforcement learning algorithm so that the Open Source Rover (based on Curiosity/Perseverance) could navigate Mars without hitting obstacles. It wasn't the Mars Helicopter, but it was still pretty cool. It helped me meet a few interesting people (and make connections) and it's formed a part of my team's current project, which is based around citizen science and gaming.

The code for the challenge:
My github handle:

Nicely written article as well, btw

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Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù Author

Wow, congrats! That sounds amazing!