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Regarding the #100DaysOfCode challenge

António Costa
Delusional Artist, mostly I talk to alone while drinking coffee.
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I have to switch around some things, in less than 2 weeks, I will be going to Paris for 5 weeks of construction work, it will be hard and won't be able to take my computer with me, so during that time I will be mostly on my phone, so I will be installing SoloLearn so I can keep the 1 hour code a day in check and do something that most of us forget on purpose. I'm talking about literature (I know it's slow and boring, but it's as important as coding it self). Since I want to learn Rust language I will be reading the “the book” and before I will read some book about programing in general (still need to decide on that, so if you have any suggestions, fell free to comment).

So instead of quitting the challenge or put it on hold I will be doing a little twist.

I will still be coding 1 hour a day, just not in the most comfortable of platforms 🤣 pen and paper will be my note taking mate instead of my .txt filled folder I have 🤔 note for a close future (make an notebook app windows / android that uses .txt and .md files).

This meaning for a while updates on the #100DaysOfCode will be only on Twitter (@Glitching_World that's my handle there) and here and on the GitHub Repository I made for it will be only updated later.

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