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Committing to 100 Days Of Code

glitchingworld profile image António Costa Updated on ・1 min read

I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today!
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My GitHub Log

Day 1 Log 15/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

What did I do?
So for a start and to do something visual to boost my morale I decided to redo an old thingie I like to call a pixelate tool. Here is and image of what it ca do:

Pixel Rebooted Example

Code can be found at my GitHub Log.


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Day 2 Log 16/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

Today I did a bunch of exercises in freecodecamp.
The Responsive Web Design Certification course says 300 hours, but since Web Design isn't new to me I will be challenging myself to get to the projects section in 4 days.


Day 3 Log 17/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

As obvious today I grinded thru a bunch more of exercises in freecodecamp I really want this done by the beginning of the week-end.


Day 4 Log 18/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

Finished the exercises in freecodecamp responsive web design course, 1 day earlier than I expected, so this means I will start today to make the web design projects, 1.5 hours done, so I will spend another 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

Day 5 Log 19/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

Did the first freecodecamp challenge, was feeling terrible today, so I did something pretty stupid you can see it here.

Day 6 Log 20/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

Today was a busy tiring day, so I did a weird clock in p5.js. Code is in my GitHub Repository.

Weird Clock

Day 7 Log 21/Jun/2020 #100DaysOfCode

For 6 weeks or so this will be my last regular update. During this period I will be still continuing this challenge in a different way, mostly it will be reading and note taking, doing cheat sheets for a few languages or other tools I intend to use in the future and starting to prepare for projects, that I want to make.

After all that and when I can code again, I will start to be objective with what I will be doing. And start #100DaysOfCode challenge count from 0.

For today, inspired by Purin Phanichphant experiments with p5.js. I decided to do something simple but that it looks neat, I tried. Code is based in Purin Phanichphant "Pyramide".

Flapping Origami