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I'm not back, I'm rebooting myself.

António Costa
Delusional Artist, mostly I talk to alone while drinking coffee.
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So a few months a go I went for 100days of code challenge and failed, as I have failed in most of my projects, ideas and objectives. Why?

Simple, although I knew my mental health was in shambles for years I did little about it, only recently I went looking for professional help. For years I underestimated my abilities and felt I couldn't achieve anything, and whit that mentality I kept failing repeatedly.

I studied Arts and Multimedia but after finishing I just got random jobs anywhere, and kept quitting and finding another, these last +2 years I kept destroying myself with jobs in things I don't like or I can't stand anymore.

I made a decision to pursue a future in coding, something that I always wanted, for now I'm going to start in web dev, since I have basic knowledge of it and will keep improving my skills. I will also start to try game dev in a hobbyist way and maybe one day...

Since I'm not seen as a recent graduate anymore due to +2 years had passed since I finished my studies, getting a job in any multimedia related position is going to be hard.

But now I can let myself fail before even really trying. So for today I will start to build a portfolio doing projects that showcase my abilities and hosting them on GitHub or CodePen or both.

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