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My Dog Teaches Me Tricks Too

I can be quite the teaser when it comes to puppy play. But in the end, just from my interaction with my dog I am reminded something valuable that would help anyone code, no matter the experience level.

My dog trying to retrieve the ball beneath her cot

The dog situation is that I tossed her ball so that it would be trapped just beneath her see-through cot. At first Bailey's approach was to pancake her snout onto the weaved surface grinned with teeth to no avail.

Here's the thing. When she was only a few-months old, I made sure her basic training was solid. Sit. Lay Down. Off. Crawl (not essential but it's cute).

My dog crawling underneath the cot for the ball

With my guidance, I told her to get 'off' the cot. She jumped back on, fixated on the ball, but she listened the second time. Next, I told her to sit. By this time she was yelling at me, as in "I was close to the ball and you're telling me to go away, are you nuts?". Trust me, little one. Finally, I told her to lay down. By this time, she knew to crawl underneath on her own and snatched her precious ball!

I replicated the situation just in case it was a fluke. This time, she didn't need my guidance at all.

I almost teared up, because she was growing up so fast.

But also, we got through this doggy challenge because she had a foundation to rely on for her problem solving, and she had me to guide her. Sounds familiar?

The lesson: Your foundation is where your growth always begins, so take care of it, never stop asking for support and be generous in supporting others.

My dog with the ball in her mouth, happily

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