Node.js Restful API template with TypeScript, Fastify and MongoDB

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Have you recently started a new Node.js API project? Did you use some template or started the project from scratch?
I was asking the same questions myself and I was looking for minimal boilerplate for a while. There were so many options that it was hard to pick one.
Most of them are using Express.js, others are using ES5 or lack test setup.
So I decided to spin one on my own and reuse it in the future. Here is the repo at GitHub.


My setup has the following characteristics:


  • Node version 10 or later
  • TypeScript for obvious reasons
  • Fastify for its asynchronous nature and being faster than Express or Restify
  • Nodemon in development for watching for changes and restart the server


  • MongoDB with Mongoose
  • Docker for MongoDB service


  • Jest for being the de facto in Node testing
  • In memory Mongod server for easily mock the DB
  • Coverall for coverage collector after Jest report is generated

Code formatting and static analysis

  • ESLint config
  • Prettier config attached to the linter
  • Editor config


  • Swagger UI for API documentation
  • Postman collections attached from testing the endpoints


  • Continuous integration in Travis CI. Steps:
  1. Install dependencies
  2. Run tests
  3. Collect coverage and pass it to Coverall

And thats it! I hope it's minimal enough.
Please share some ideas for improvement. I thought of API versioning but Fastify seems to support that out of the box.
API key authentication was also something I was considering, but there were so many available options of implementations. If you have something in mind would love to discuss it in the comments.
Happy coding!

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