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After years of watching video and reading articles in English, I kind of became fluent.
But for new learner, I guess it's one more challenge to overcome.

I love the idea of an international language. French is my language, but I don't really care for it. I way more enjoy being able to share with people around the world. 👋

On the subject of i18n, it's a real chore. I work on multi languages UI and it's a lot of work: different keyboards, different word length, different text direction, different date and currency format...


Damn. I only scratched the surface. Seems like we might need to create a role called "Internationalisation Engineer".🤣

An international language sounds nice, and I guess English is the closest to that in dev. I consider myself lucky to have been raised speaking English.

It's cool that at least there's a fairly "universal" language we can share things in.

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