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Do you know any social network for personal projects ?

Guillaume Martigny
JavaScript spitter and video-games gatherer.
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Hello everyone,

Many of us (not everyone) love to create side projects and more often than not these projects are never finished or never see a single user.

That's a shame that so many hours and motivation are poured into the void. So I was looking for some kind of social network for digital makers. Whether it be art, code, sound, etc, you could share what you're working on and get unbiased feedback. At the same time it could allow to connect people with complementary skills willing to work together.

There's so many social network out there, but I can't find any dedicated to ongoing projects and I don't seems to be the only one.

Do you know anything like it ?

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Christian | 🧑🏼‍💻

Interesting post and I too am interested to learn of alternative platforms for creators.

I've heard of this recently - (Part founded by Maisie Williams) though having not made an account to check it out, I am not sure if it's a good fit or not?

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Guillaume Martigny Author

Interesting but clearly a tad bit too artsy for me. Judging from the presentation video, I'm not the target (and surely neither people around here)

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Tyler V. (he/him)

The closes thing I can think of is Indie Hacker, which is geared more towards start-up side projects.

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Corey Alexander

I found MakerLog,, recently

Wasn't what I was looking for when I found it but maybe it's more what you are looking for!

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Andy Li • Edited

I guess Product Hunt's Markers section is pretty close. Check out its "discussions" tab.

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Guillaume Martigny Author

Really close to what I was looking for. Thanks !

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