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Nayden Gochev
Nayden Gochev

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Conferences CFP tag in DEV.TO ?

Hello everyone,

I love DEV.TO and I would ask you what do you think about having a tag for conferences CFP or conferences in general ? @ben any comments ?

I am organizer

together with 5 other Java developers to a Java conference in my country Bulgaria called jPrime - and since Lanyrd is dead now our cfp is announced only on twitter but maybe here is also the right place? What do you think ?

About jPrime

Alt Text

In our case the conference is not free, but it is organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group and the income is 100% reinvested in next year and other events of the Bulgarian Java User Group in the country.
We do not cover the plain tickets but we do cover all the diners, the transportation from and to the airport, the hotel and well basically the whole stay here, we even do an networking event after the conference with some sightseeing in our country.

Alt Text

So yes I also announce the cfp here and now and adding #cfp and #conferences as tags.

Lastly we always HAVE streaming, completely FREE and we always have all the recordings available some time after the conference at our youtube channel

And you can check some conference photos in flickr:

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