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Stefan Wuthrich
Stefan Wuthrich

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What I developed over the last months weekends

Recently I started working on a new project called This is a tool to help founders, owners, or team managers onboard new people and delegate tasks efficiently.

Before that, I built, a kind of JIRA to manage tasks and projects. I wrote about that in a post I built my own little JIRA

Alt Text

Before that, and I'm now back working on that one, I built Kunvenu Social Media Posting Tool for Teams.

It allows the admin to set up teams, invites team members, and then share the social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook Pages and LinkedIn) with teams.
Team Members can then write posts and schedule them to send out to multiple social media accounts in one shot.
I use this tool for posts of to #golang Twitter and Facebook accounts and also for Developer Job Posts for my "oldest" project Fullstack Developer Job Board

Learning from these experiences I will now introduce new features for like cloning of posts, more metrics, probably more channels like Telegram Groups.

Stay tuned
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