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Stefan Wuthrich
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I launched my 7th Job Board, now for Java Jobs

Beginning of 2019 I launched as a single-tenant Job Board for Full Stack Jobs.

After that I did a refactoring and built the engine to be multi-tenant, to be able to run multiple job boards with same instance of stack (Go based API/Webserver, Vue Frontend, ArangoDB)

Beginning of this year I did a complete new multi-tenant engine which is not more using Vue, but SSR plus a bit of Alpine JS to improve SEO. (btw I continue to use Vue 3 for other software projects, where SEO is not so important)

Since then I launched more 5 Job Boards:

And now, Java Job Board is launched

The new Java Jobs Board is ready to find Java related Jobs and hiring Java developers.

You can of course also find Remote Java Jobs

Cheers Stefan
Full-Stack Software Developer

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Belhassen Chelbi

Nice. How do you plan on monetizing them?

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Stefan Wuthrich

sorry for late answer
I sell Job Ads ( )

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Octulio Biletán

Muy buena iniciativa, mis felicitaciones a Usted.

Very good initiative, my congratulations to you.