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Making Sense of Computer Programming/ Web Development

Programming/Web development can be tedious. Most time there is a strong feeling of throwing everything away and turning your back on it. But that is not all. One thing that constantly comes to mind is ‘How do I make sense of this’? It becomes discomfort, especially in a fast-paced industry. And then there is a second thought that this is just all you’ve got left and you need to make the most out of it. . . But how?
This article is the first of the series "Making Sense of Computer Programming/ Web Development".
More articles in this series will be posted regularly. We’ll talk about those peculiar, silent questions in the heart of many developers, especially those who think more about a fulfilling life. If you’ve found yourself here, then you’re not alone.
Some programmers/developers came into programming with no background in computer science or its related field. Ya, many are ‘self-taught’. This is not bad in itself as the industry is open to contributions from anyone who can make a difference.
Now, the question is where do I start if I am interested in programming or web development? How do I make sense of web development/programming?
You should understand that when we speak of web development, we are pointing to three key things.

  1. The computer
  2. The computer language
  3. The computer User

These three things should be properly defined and understood and how they relate.
Let’s consider them one after the other.


Computers affect every part of our lives: from medicine, travel, finance, engineering, socialization, travel, communication, you name it. The list goes on. Such great influence is one that perhaps we didn’t see coming. And what's more, its web spins even deeper into the twenty-first century.
considering these, as a web developer/programmer what does a computer mean to you, and how does it affect you?
Also, how do you as a developer use the computer to affect people and society?
Everyone interacts with a computer differently; the banker, the statistician, the engineer, and you as a developer/programmer. So as a developer, you must understand how you interact with the computer. This is the first thing to understand because everything you do surrounds the computer. The computer is the centre — the computer language, the computer code, and the computer user all point to one thing — the computer.
As a developer, first understand the basics of the computer (computer science), not necessarily the whole thing but the basics. The basics of anything are the foundation of it, no matter how simple it may seem, don’t ignore it. Time spent learning the basics may seem a waste, but that is not the case. In any big building, more time is spent on the foundation than any other part, and the foundation is less visible and admired. You may be tempted to jump to higher things: the seemingly trending things, but don’t. The basics are mostly things that cut across all computer languages and no matter the trends or changes they remain. In this way, you can keep pace with the constant changes in technology without getting blown away. Those who make an impact are those who simply understand the basics very well.
You may have to start with data structure and advance a step at a time. Studying selected topics relevant to your work and career is important.
Thanks for reading. You can share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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