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Create your own apis from Google sheet

Hello !, friends

first we need a google sheet for making api fill with dummy data or take actual data , this google sheet will help to make create a api.

after that we have to create on account for creating api link go to sheet best after creating account we need a connection url of the google sheet for that we have to make google sheet public .
Alt Text

Alt Text

After making it public go to sheet best and put google sheet link to the connection Url
Alt Text

after all
Click on the DETAILS button for the your new Connection.

Now Your custom api ready for use !.

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shrinidhi111 profile image

Hi 😅

I'm new to all this.. Can you explain in more detail what is exactly happening, what you are trying to achieve with perhaps more illustrations of the end result?

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The Returning Soul

I can't really tell since I haven't used it, but I can show you this article from FreeCodeCamp. It uses React for front-end, but you can use any front-end you like as long as you know how to make HTTP requests with JS (possibly using the Fetch API).

govindarajle profile image

This is a perfect example ,How we can implement Google sheets api