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Gregory Paciga
Gregory Paciga

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Testing in 2019, according to my Twitter bookmarks

I’m not a particularly active twitter user, but I do find it a great way to get a wider perspective on software testing and development. I’ll often bookmark interesting tweets or threads as I come across them so I can remember to come back to them, either to read later or to think more about. To give you a snapshot of some of what’s been influencing my thoughts around testing this year, here’s a roundup of (almost) everything I bookmarked on twitter in 2019.

In automation and development:

In product management/ownership, John Cutler continues to be a significant influence:

On the DevOps front, there’s always fun to be found in threads for or against deploying on Fridays:

And speaking of frequency and agility:

In UX, design, and customer-first approaches:

On how teams work, communication, and collaboration:

Other miscellaneous testing stuff:

Several things made it into my bookmarks but are still on my “read/watch/do later” list:

Finally, just for fun, there was this figure of a black hole published at 1:1 scale.

And that, folks, was my year on Twitter.

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