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Angular Forms Story: A Dev Tool

gparlakov profile image Georgi Parlakov Originally published at itnext.io on ・2 min read

A simple tool to make Dev’s life easy :)

This is part of the Angular Forms Story series:

  • Angular Forms Story: A Dev Tool (this one)
  • Angular Forms Story: Strong Types (link)
  • Angular Forms Story: The Whole Story (coming up)

More than once, while developing forms in Angular application I had to template hack {{form.value | json}} and {{form.valid}} and form.pending while editing to check if my form control was actually doing what I wanted it to do.

I thought:

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a component to show me all the info about the form?

So I created it:


  1. Named and draggable window!
  2. Status  — dirty/pristine, touched/untouched, valid/invalid/pending/disabled
  3. Value JSON.stringify-ed. Editable  — edited value appears in form!
  4. Minify and Maximize And MORE… * Resizable (see bottom right corner) * Multiple instances supported * Only visible in dev builds! No danger of it showing in production!

See it in action :

Making it a directive and supporting older Angular versions is on the roadmap. It now needs Angular v5 at least — due to using Metadata version 4

Go check it out and submit issues at https://github.com/gparlakov/forms-typed/issues.

I am working on a few Open Source Angular Dev Tooling projects. Check them out at:

SCuri — Unit test boilerplate automation (with Enterprise support option too)

ngx-forms-typed — Angular form, just typed!

ngx-show-form-control — Visualize/Edit any FormControl/Group

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