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GftW call for proposals deadline extended to June 22

Given everything that is going on in the world, we thought it would be helpful to give people more time to complete their applications. We recognize that many folks had their focus elsewhere over the last few weeks, and we wanted to make sure that everyone who wants to apply has the time they need. We also want to emphasize that this is just the first public Call for Proposals from Grant for the Web – there will be additional opportunities if this moment isn’t right for you.

We’ve really been inspired by the activity in the ecosystem over the last month. It has been fun and educational to start to see the community rally around Grant for the Web's open Call for Proposals. From a hackathon on to community calls and active discussions on Twitter, you can feel the momentum of these ideas and tools beginning to take shape. Given the energy and conversations this has spurred we have decided to extend the proposal deadline to 4:00 pm PT on Monday, June 22nd.

If you have already submitted your proposal and would like to take advantage of this additional time, simply use Submittable to request an edit.

Here's how you can use the extra time to workshop your proposal:

The DEV Grant for the Web hackathon has been extended!

The #gftwhackathon drives exploration and experimentation around Web Monetization

– it’s a great place to learn, play, and experiment. Plus, there are cash prizes for the winners! The new deadline is June 14. Be sure to check out the wealth of documentation, demos and discussion on DEV.

Office hours

Join us for open office hours to ask questions about the grant opportunity and the application. We've added an additional call on Thursday, June 18 at 12:00pm (US Pacific) / 3:00pm (US Eastern) / 8:00pm (London). See our other upcoming calls and register here.

Community forum

Post your questions, read ideas from others and join the active conversation on the community forum. We’re delighted to see the resources being shared here, and invite you to add more.

The Web Monetization Guide

One of our early grantees, the team behind the Coronavirus Tech Handbook, are helping us organize the Web Monetization community in a series of sprints to collect resources and examples of web monetized tools and content. Together, we’re going to build our own handbook and you are invited to contribute.

We will be building out here, check it out as we continue to shape it,

Join us for a week of events from the 15th -19th of June:

Watch our channels for more details coming soon.

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