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A developer's brain when starting a new position

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Picture it, Sicily, 1922

There comes a time in every person's life, not just developers and engineers, where we start a new position, at a new company or firm, and it can be nerve wrecking. Not from anxiety of going to a bad place, but the knowledge of the unknown. The knowledge of needing to go through the routine of finding a new routine in your new position.

And sometimes that alone is scary!

This Friday, Valentine's of 2020, will be my last Friday I share at my current desk for my current company, or parent company (because I am on a contract). And this following week, I start a new gig, which is catapulting me into the arena of play that I have been dreaming about doing ever since I started feeling comfortable with my coding skills.

You see, when I graduated in 2018 from Middle Georgia State University, I had the idea, deep in the catacombs of my mind, that one day, I would be able to own my own business. I just needed to put in a bit of work to save up, to build up my skills and my network, and maybe, soon, I would be running a successful freelance operation for myself. I am still in the process of gathering a heftier network, and bettering my skills as each day passes. But starting next week, I will be one step closer to managing myself as a freelancer.

You see, next week, I start as a remote developer for one company, and there are many more hopeful clients to come in the future. This is a big step for me, being this is really my first big win. At the same time, I am nervous, because I am going out on my own now. Starting a new adventure in a realm that is foggy to me. That idea brings about nervousness and anxiety, as well as excitement and happiness. I am taking the quote from MLK Jr. to heart:

If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

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