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Discussion on: What's Your Shell of Choice?

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Mine is zsh, it has a lot of plugings and certanly everything it doesn't do by default, there is a Plugin that does that, and it also so easy to customize the prompt, different of bash that you kinda need to know some witchcraft to change that LOL

Fish is also super cool, there is thing that I liked so much that I had to have it in zsh, like autosuggestions, command highlighting, but zsh still has my heart

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Nick Taylor

I had used zsh in the past and was happy with it, but then a tweet from a colleague of mine at the time

and Julia Evans article The fish shell is awesome prompted me to give Fish a go.

I love it.

P.S.: Here's the original @dan_abramov tweet that my former colleague was referring to

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Ben Sinclair

"The sublime of shells" is something that I would take as a recommendation to avoid!