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Learn AWS with me :: Episode 1 : Introduction

I've recently became aware of a movement which aims to replace violent/inappropriate sayings with alternatives that serve the same purpose, but without the negative associations. Here's a great one I came across yesterday: Feeding 2 birds with one scone. This precisely describes what I'm trying to do on most days: In a word, I'm always looking for a twofer

And I found the perfect one today. Here the two goals I am currently pursuing:

  • I would love to build my own AWS skills, possibly even work through their entire certification hierarchy, And
  • I have a new business venture ( which requires careful curation of learning resources for technical skills

Instead of treating them as two independent goals, I realized, that if I "Learn in Public", then I'd be able to achieve both goals by expending a single amount of effort.

I can truly have my cake AND eat it.


So I will be using the coming weeks (or months) to systematically explore the AWS ecosystem, one topic at a time.

  • Each topic will last exactly 1 week
  • During the week I will research the topic/service, publishing any lessons learnt on Twitter
  • I'll curate the best learning resources for that topic and share them on Twitter
  • I'll document the important learning concepts and prerequisite skills in the KnowledgeBase
  • At the end of the week, I'll write a summary article on the topic, linking to the various resources collected during the week.

The order of topics to be addressed will probably be a bit fluid, but I suspect we'll start of with:

  • CloudFront
  • S3
  • IAM
  • EC2
  • SQS
  • etc.

If you want to join along, follow @DevSkillDojo on Twitter. Of course, the weekly articles will be here on Dev

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bhadresharya profile image
Bhadresh Arya

That's really a great idea to learn in public. I would love to join you in the journey.

gregfullard profile image
Greg Fullard

Episode 2 will be published tomorrow, then feel free to join in Ep 3 :)