Java Streams Cheat-sheet.

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Namastey community,

Recently I started learning Streams (because you come across streams a lot while solving competitive programming -_-) and somehow I am not able to get a resource which consolidates/condenses/summarizes all the useful(probably all) stream functions.

Looked up on internet but couldn't find anything good for a cheat sheet.

Do you have something that I can refer to? A website, a git, notes, any resource!

Thanks in advance!

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Bit late to the party...but anyway :D

As a quick one-page cheat sheet I find this one is pretty good: files.zeroturnaround.com/pdf/zt_ja...

and the accompanying article if you want more explanation what's going on:


I wanted to share this as an amazing find to explain reactive programming. It's very well written. gist.github.com/staltz/868e7e9bc2a...

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