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Keeping organized workflow?

So latetly I've been noticing that my workflow is getting more and more complex. For example:
I've been working with microservices, I had to run 3 services locally, communicate with database and 2 other external services.

In total 6 services I needed to have open window. (4 tabs in browser, 2 in desktop programs). And then I had opened 2 instances of VScode for debugging etc...

Usualyl there is Mail client and slack client open at all times. Few instances of Terminal window and file explorer.

And atleast 2 browser windows. (regular and incognito for avoiding cache problems)

I usually have 1 browser only for web interfaces of programs that I use.

I've tried programs like station or tryshift but they don't allow you to pin your locally run programs in there.

I tried to have a seperate chrome "dev" profile. And wanted to keep all web interfaces that I need for working open there. And then another profile for research. But somehow I didn't really like this. This is powerful since you can have seperate password manager for dev stuff.

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