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5 APIs to take your frontend game to the Next Level!!


NASA maintains a fantastic database of space-related data that is constantly updated.

This API may be used to construct captivating and informative apps and web pages.

2. Open Trivia Database

Wanting to test your intellect, this is the perfect API for you.

This API contains various topics, from gaming to general knowledge. You'll find all kinds of questions.

3. News

With the ongoing increase in Internet usage, most people are abandoning traditional media, such as newspapers, and going online to satisfy their appetite for breaking reports.

It's time we use this to our advantage and build something amazing.

4. Google Maps

Want to integrate map services in your project and wondering what to do. Don't worry Google has got you covered. pun intended xD

Use the google maps API, with its ever-growing feature and huge community you are sorted.

5. Evil Insult Generator

How many times have you tried to insult your best friend? You've now been given a helpful hand!

The purpose, as the API name suggests, is to provide some of the most heinous insults.

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