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Hi! I'm new to, this is actually my very first post

My goals for 2019:

Learn Kotlin/native and Kotlin/multiplatform in depth

Finish my side project, I'm building a 16-bit computer from scratch using only NAND logic gates.

Continue to fill my gaps in CS fundamentals, there are many things that I "know" because I've read about them, but I'm the kind of person that has to actually get his hands dirty for it to really 'click' in my head

  1. Get an office job after graduation! Should be a fun and different experience from doing consulting/freelance work.
  2. Finish K&R
  3. Try to explore embedded development, I've always wanted to work on microcontrollers :)

For me:

  • Get more into functional programming with elixir.
  • Start a side project.

Sounds like a great plan :)

I've really enjoyed your writing this year, what will you be writing your book about?


Been kicking around a couple of ideas. Maybe something about testing React applications (have some posts coming up soon on for that), and also may try to write a brief "writing for developers" guide (expanding on the ideas from this:


For me, my goals for 2019 so far are:

  • Become more versed in DevOps (books on order already)
  • 2x my freelance income
  • Write/record some full-stack tutorials including deployment
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