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Developers cheat sheets

When I study something, I always write a summary of what I learned, for myself, sometimes on paper, sometimes in a document on my computer ...

Over time, I noticed that many developers did the same, online, creating cheat sheets related to specific tools, methodologies, good practices and so on ... initially for themselves or their co-workers, and over time for the community.

I used to store these cheat sheets on my computer, to keep the basics and tips easily available when I needed to access them.

Recently, I wondered why I was keeping them just for me, as it could benefit many other developers as well.

This is the reason why I created a cheat sheets repository storing those cheat sheets that were relevant to my area.

I encourage everyone to create their own cheat sheet repositories, and share them with others.

What about you?
Do you take note after learning something?
What do you do with those notes afterwards?

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DevLorenzo • Edited
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I don't tend to take notes of things too much, but I do have a tmux cheat sheet saved in my bookmarks, and I'm probably going to find one for emacs or vim, too.

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Guillaume Falourd

Found this one for VIM that looks complete:

And love this one for EMACS:

I'll add them on the repo :D

And I suggest you create a repo with the content from your bookmarks H-Baguette to share it with others as well, it could help beginners getting some basics information about useful tools.