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Ritchie CLI: A customizable automation tool

Nobody likes repetitive tasks. To avoid them, most IT professionals use automations on a daily basis.

There are many tools available on the market to help, such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, RunDeck, Selenium, ...

However, those tools focus on specific jobs (SysAdmin, SRE, QA, ...) and aren't always adapted to perform tasks related to other areas.

A customizable CLI ?

Ritchie CLI lets users configure their own CLI to execute daily operations, and eventually share their commands with others.

In a few words, this open source tool allows to create, store and share any kind of automations, executing them through command lines.


One of the main benefits of Ritchie is that your can create your automations using any programming language, which make it accessible to any professional with programming knowledge.

Moreover, it won't be necessary to redo automations that you own on other tools. You can easily use them on Ritchie, executing them through command line, or adapting your current script to the tool structure.

How does it work ?

In Ritchie's context, a formula is a script that can be executed automatically or interactively through a command line.

Adapting an existing script to Ritchie structure allows you to run it locally or through Docker, and to share it on a Github or Gitlab repository.

formulas - en

For example, there are currently some formulas to simplify the use of AWS CLI, others integrated with Bitbucket, Apache Kafka or Github API, or even some to create a scaffold of a Spring Boot project.



Want to contribute ?

The project started a few months ago, and we have many ideas to improve its usability.

The core has been implemented using Golang, and we currently have templates to create formulas in more than 10 languages such as Python, Java, ShellScript, Ruby, Go (complete list here). You can also add new templates which aren't available yet.

All Ritchie repositories are participating the #hacktoberfest challenge, you can find all issues here.

We are also looking for feedback, so if you eventually test the tool (tutorials and challenges here), give us your impressions in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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