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Hacktoberfest! 4PRs done and what I've learn!

It's been a week since I've stumbled across Hacktoberfest and, let me say it, it's been nothing but a great and pleasant ride..!!

To be honest, I've never actually considered writting code for another person's project but this new experience openned my eyes to the amazing world of open source!

I started this challenge with no to little expectation of how would it go and if I would even finish it. 4 pull requests later, here I stand in my new favorite thing, DEV, posting about a challenge I knew nothing about!

I started off by simply searching in github for literally anything that had the tag "hacktoberfest" and I stumbled apon a few THOUSAND issues! I had no idea where to start so I started with some basic frontend features just to get used to the whole issue/PR vibe. I must say it felt amazing when my first pull request was accepted and a random guy just told me "Great job! Thanks for contributing!". This gave me the energy and motivation to keep going and to find new and challenging issues!

Not everything was a piece of cake though.. I had times where I was working on a project written in Swift, which I know nothing about.. (serious, I had to wiki Swift just to know what that was!) So, really bad idea to get into something I had absolutely no experience on.. At the end of the day I just gave up on that issue and started working on something else.

The days passed and my pull requests were starting to get accepted more and more! I've made it to the end of Hacktoberfest! I must say, this experience was way more enjoyable than I ever thought and I'll definetely keep on contributing for the open source community and perhaps join it with one of my personal projects myself!

That's about it for this post! Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day! Cheers!

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