I Electrical Engineer Turned Javascript Developer, Ask Me Anything!

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Hi, I'm changing my profession, from an electrical engineer to Javascript Developer. I am interested in learning through projects. And I participate in one that is carried out by a Free Software community called Open Source Weekends. I am interested in projects that have to do with education, productivity and social networks, and that relate these three things


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What was your daily learning plan (schedule, sources) from Zero to Now ?
Did you join as Junior or Mid level (as JS Developer)?
How long did it take from Starting Learning to attending interviews and to Join some company as JS developer ?


I started studying javascript in April 2018, I dreamed of making my own online course platform and wanted to make a hybrid mobile application, which would work for both Android and Iphone. Ionic uses angular and as this is based on javascript because that was my reason for studying javascript.

I started studying with courses of coursera and EDX, then in October 2018 I started a master of javascript and Node but I am not very satisfied to have done it. Many people who dedicate themselves to training only think about selling courses and masters instead of putting themselves in the place of the other person and offering them what they really need. This month I started studying with Pluralsight but I am thinking of moving to another similar platform, but in Spanish, which is my native language.
Right now my level is just a junior frontend.
I think that getting started interviewing is immediate, because you can say what you want, something else is that you can prove it. So I would ask rather. How much training time do you need to successfully pass a junior frontend interview? Well, if you find the right study system, which is the one that best suits your way of studying because each of us has a different way of studying and also the technologies in which we have to train have their own way of studying them. For example, studying the basics of javascript is not the same as studying css. I think that if you want to become a frontend developer you don't need much time with an adequate study system. Although I have not participated in any, I think that if I returned to October 2018 I would have gotten into a bootcamp instead of doing the master I did. I sincerely believe that the correct and fastest way to learn is through projects.


Hi, May I ask how old are you? I also made a late career change at 30. Sometimes I feel like I wasted 7 years of work experience but mostly I'm very happy to proceed on what I really want to do.


I´m 33. I feel like I wasted 8 years of my life.
But no one is born knowing, and less knowing what is best for him.
Many people say "do what you like". I experienced that it is not always easy to know what you like. So I recommend doing what you believe in.
And what you believe in, over time, will become what you like.
My dream in life is not to stay programming forever. I want to contribute to create and maintain a community of people like engineers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, passionate, full of faith, who really believe that the impossible can be done. I want to be physicist one day and, among other things, contribute to developing a form of energy production, based on quantum computing. Meanwhile I have to find a better way to pay the rent and I think the best way, one that connects my dreams with my present is to get to work as Front End Developer.
Ask me anything else you want to know.


Thank you! It is very nice to talk people like you who are having similar experiences :)

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Hi, I'm changing my profession, from an electrical engineer to Javascript Developer. I am interested in learning through projects.