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I made CSS Scan Pro - The definitive browser extension to work with web design.

guivr profile image Guilherme Rizzo 惻1 min read

šŸ‘‹ Hi everyone! :)

šŸ’¦ After months of hard work, I finished my newest product: CSS Scan Pro.

It makes it radically easy to get the looks of any website. Hover over any element, and copy its entire CSS with a single click.

  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, and SAFARI!
  • Live edit CSS and check/copy all the changes made
  • Get the color palette of any website
  • Color eyedropper - pick any color from any element (even images)
  • Ruler - advanced distance measurement system in real-time
  • @keyframes scan - understand how every CSS animation works
  • Pseudo-classes scan (:active, :focus, :first-child, ā€¦)
  • Pseudo-elements scan (:before, :after, :first-letter, ...)
  • New DOM tree control to precisely target elements
  • ā€¦ +

That's a lot of features, while still being ultra-fast, light-weight, beautiful and smooth, CSS Scan Pro now is the smartest and most complete browser extension for CSS inspection.

šŸŽ Try the free demo on our website!

šŸ™ I worked hard on this one so Iā€™m excited to share with you and genuinely interested in hearing what you think about it.

šŸ’Œ Thanks to everyone that already bought it and supported my work!
If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears.


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gochev profile image
Nayden Gochev

I do not enjoy that some paid apps are promoted here :( I am not saying its bad ! however... I just dont enjoy it : (

guivr profile image
Guilherme Rizzo Author

Thanks for the feedback, Nayden! I'm just trying to help people with their work.

jordygrunn profile image
Jordy Bakker

Looks pretty good, but to pay 20 per month for it.. I think it's too much.

guivr profile image
Guilherme Rizzo Author

I appreciate the feedback!

diovayne profile image
Dio Vayne

Can't you do all these things with develop tools for Chrome or Firefox?

guivr profile image
Guilherme Rizzo Author

Hi, Dio! You can, but it takes way long time. To copy the CSS of this element right now, it's a pain. With CSS Scan, you just click, and it's yours. Computed styles tab from DevTools will break responsive styles because it converts everything to pixels, and doesn't copy pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.
Not to mention features like the color eyedropper, color palette, and ruler.

This saves you time and money, so you can finish your work faster and smarter.

haivenki profile image

Good work

guivr profile image
Guilherme Rizzo Author

Thanks, haivenki!

mridularora18 profile image
Mridul Arora

Nice work comrade..good job šŸ»

guivr profile image