re: If You Don't Know, Now You Know - GitHub Is Restricting Access For Users From Iran And A Few Other Embargoed Countries VIEW POST

re: I addressed solidarity in the preamble to my original comment, please take another look. I'd appreciate if you would not cast my argument as some k...

One missing point in this discussion is Github becoming a single point of failure while being owned by a huge corporation of a huge country, hence open to problems associated with global monopolies. Speaking of liberal democracy, this is a bottleneck which occurs very frequently in the history. This is something we should stand against as web is becoming more not-open every day passing by.

I'm also against "No liberal democracy, no GitHub" as this sounds more like my way or no way to me. Especially dangerous when the subject is information and science, noone should be left out so that humanity goes somewhere better.

I mean chances are better for a society to become more democratic faster if they are exposed more with the opennes philosophy of the web and software development. We should stand for this, and US people should stand for the exclusion of open source platforms from trade sanctions.

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