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Introducing the Building SaaS on AWS show

I'm excited to introduce you to Building SaaS on AWS, our new Twitch show premiering August 11 with me as host. I'll be joined by technical experts to dive deep on technical content around building SaaS on AWS.

Tell me more!

Join us every other Wednesday at 3 PM CEST / 9 AM EDT for an hour-long session where you can quiz AWS SaaS Specialists and AWS customer guest speakers on all things SaaS - deep technical questions, specific use-cases, AWS and AWS Partner services, AWS customer examples, or what it's like to be a SaaS Specialist at AWS!

Great! What can I learn from the sessions?

  • Learn to build next generation SaaS on AWS
  • Get tips on most suitable AWS technologies for a use-case
  • Get all your technical and business questions answered

First episode August 11

On the premiere episode I'll be joined by Ranjith Raman, Senior Partner Solutions Architect on the AWS SaaS Factory team, to do a deep-dive on architecting a multi-tenant SaaS solution based on Amazon EKS.

Join us live on on August 11, 3 PM CEST / 9 AM EDT and bring your questions!


View the upcoming agenda and find links to previous episodes here.

If you have any questions about the show or AWS in general, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn. Go build!

Top comments (2)

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Vince Fulco (It / It's)

Would be great to get a look at the next few weeks' worth of topics to be covered.

gunnargrosch profile image
Gunnar Grosch

Yes, sir! I'll post the schedule of upcoming sessions shortly.

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