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Let's talk about DevOps

DevOps, unfortunately, is a misunderstood term. So, first of all, you need to understand that DevOps is not a tool or a job title. It is a shared mindset.

Who works with this kind of mindset knows, for example, that working in silos just doesn't work and Development and Operations must work together following lean and agile principles to deliver software rapidly and continuously.

It's about thinking differently, social coding, working in small batches, and again putting effort into delivering a minimum viable product. DevOps is also about working differently (TDD, BDD, CI, and CD).

But this is not all, DevOps demand organizing differently, perhaps putting energy to make the organization impact the design and measure differently because in the end, you get what you measure.

So, let's talk about what DevOps is not:

  • Not simply combining development and operations
  • Not a separate team
  • Not a tool
  • Not one size fits all
  • Not just automation

DevOps is a cultural change in which development and operations engineers work together during the entire development cycle.

We don't "do" DevOps
We "become" DevOps

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John Peters

Tools like Jira and Jenkins are so bad, that devops is hated by many. Microsoft's own SCCM was equally as bad.

To me the clear winner today is Azure. Developers are being mandated to know devops today. The problem is that devops is an entire career path.

It's a frustrating tool scenario anyway we look at it.

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Mahmoud Harmouch

Agree. But, I sometimes get confused between IT/OT convergence and DevOps. I believe that they both refer to the same thing.