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πŸ”₯ Trending News, Repos and Products of the day - Digest #127

articleImgEach day we handpick the best web content across different websites eg: Hackernews, Github, Reddit... to help you stay updated with the hottest trends!

Level up your πŸš€ skills with these Github repositories:


πŸ“™ leveldb

πŸ‘€ google | ⭐ +27,836 stars LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.

πŸ“™ jadx

πŸ‘€ skylot | ⭐ +28,649 stars Dex to Java decompiler

πŸ“™ protobuf

πŸ‘€ protocolbuffers | ⭐ +52,627 stars Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format

πŸŽ‰ πŸ”₯ Hottest Devto posts :

πŸ“ Become a master of the database using Appwrite's new query API

πŸ‘€ Bradley Schofield | πŸ‘ +30 reactions With Appwrite 0.12, we made Appwrite harder, better, faster, stronger with many new additions to the...

πŸ“ Introduction to using middleware in Express

πŸ‘€ Naftali Murgor | πŸ‘ +23 reactions Introduction This tutorial will learn about middleware and how middleware makes Express...

πŸ“ Learning TDD was hard, but worth it.

πŸ‘€ crespire | πŸ‘ +23 reactions Cover Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels. As part of my learning journey with The Odin Project, I was...

πŸ‘€ Keep an eye on these cool products too:

πŸ”§ Popwork

πŸ”Ί +153 | πŸ’¬ +75 Turn boring 1:1s into actionable & meaningful conversations Popwork

πŸ”§ Community Tools Index by Orbit

πŸ”Ί +21 | πŸ’¬ +1 300+ tools ranked by usage among community builders Community Tools Index by Orbit

πŸ”§ SnΔ«ppet

πŸ”Ί +17 | πŸ’¬ +2 A macOS quick link finder SnΔ«ppet

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up! That was all for this week.

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