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Pre-Generated SDK Libraries That Help You Build Apps Faster

With the advancement of technology, companies are constantly working to create platforms and libraries that would speed the development and deployment of applications through effective systems and efficient testing purposes for developers. Technology companies are adopting pre-generated software development kit (SDK) libraries to make it easier and smoother for developers to integrate and interact with a company’s pre-generated SDK libraries, which takes away the stress from developers building a product from scratch.

Every product owner wants to ensure that the development of applications is faster using the best methods where clean code is top-notch and meets the requirements of both the stakeholders and users.

This article will explain the use of pre-generated SDK libraries for building apps faster with reference to Appwrite as a tool for developers.

What is Software Development Kit?

According to Developer Experience, SDKs are tools for developers to get the job done. Therefore, SDKs are a set of software tools composed of pre-built code samples provided by software vendors that include libraries that integrate with other platforms from the client side to server applications using the services from the SDK. Most developers have used one SDK or the other without even knowing, tremendously improving the developer experience through its multi-faceted approach with different programming languages.

SDKs are popular among the developer community as it includes documentation that contains guides on the setup that developers can use to integrate into their apps, code samples, and libraries to suit different programming languages ranging from web and mobile applications to server-side integrations, which make for the acceptance with developers. SDKs also contain testing and debugging tools to help developers identify errors that account for fewer mistakes during development.

Next, let’s explore the benefits of SDKs and their purpose in meeting the needs of developers.

Why are SDKs Beneficial?

The benefit of SDKs is that they drastically reduce the development time compared to building a solution from scratch. Without SDKs in the picture, the release of new features takes longer, especially for integrations. That is one reason organizations encourage developers to use what they produce internally to create their apps.

SDKs and APIs

Several questions arise when the terms SDK and application programming interface (API) are discussed, which needs clarification.

  • Is there a connection between an SDK and an API?
  • Do they perform the same functions or are they entirely different in providing developers services they can use to speed development?

APIs are codes that function to connect two software programs. Applications require using APIs, a primary gateway for backend services to communicate to the client-side (frontend) of the web or mobile application, making seamless end-to-end user experience using hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) protocols to facilitate communication.

Most SDKs contain HTTP APIs that provide systems to build applications comprised of tools and components of code with the specific purpose of building apps faster.

Appwrite and Open-source

Appwrite is a secure open-source backend server that allows developers to build applications with its set of API tools and services which is cross-platform and language agnostic, which means it is designed to work with both frontend and backend technologies.

The community is a great way to get started. Developers are encouraged to share their work with the community by using the Appwrite set of tools and SDKs to build on top of other platforms and release their app to the community, thereby making the projects known and showcasing the endless possibilities of Appwrite making for more contributors and maintainers to appreciate how SDKs perform optimally with a chosen programming language.

appwrite compatibility with programming languages

Furthermore, showcasing these applications by more developers building with Appwrite’s SDKs will make the adoption of Appwrite gain popularity with particular attention to businesses wanting to migrate to a better backend-as-a-service which Appwrite will provide, thereby reaching more industry experts with the awareness around the product to grow. It is a win-win for everyone.


This article covered the benefit of SDKs and how they can act as the building blocks for software products by leveraging their tools to ensure products are built with the provisions to make them widely accepted amongst the developer community.

The Backend as a Service Platform makes it endearing to many developers as you can get started with the SDKs.

Want to get started quickly building custom applications? SDK is suitable for any developer out there.

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