How to use npm "concurrently" module in package.json file

hafizsaifullah profile image Hafiz Saifullah ・1 min read

Hey I am following an online course for blockchain based cryptocurrency network. Repository for course is https://github.com/15Dkatz/cryptochain. in package.json file, dev script is as follow...
"dev": "npm run dev-client & npm run start-redis && cross-env ENV='development' nodemon index.js", which is to start both front-end (react) and back-end (epress) servers, by using npm run dev command in terminal. but for me it is running only front-end that is npm run dev-client, which means only first part of dev is running. To run both commands concurrently, I installed npm i concurrently module. But I am confusing about syntax of dev with concurrently. Suggest me what syntax should be used for above dev script along with concurrently. especially how cross-env ENV='development' can be concatenated???


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