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AI Dev Day- Ride the “AI on Cloud” Revolution

According to reports, Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology. With a growth of 344% in the last few years, it is now the most in-demand skill, which makes it the primary choice for up-skilling.

These are some astounding statistics on AI:

  1. AI will grow into a $118.6 billion industry by 2025.
  2. 55.6% — The forecast compound annual growth rate of the AI market.
  3. Asia Pacific is expected to hold the largest AI market share.
  4. 54% of executives say AI tools have boosted productivity.
  5. 75% of businesses say AI will allow them to move to new ventures and other businesses.
  6. By 2022, AI will have taken over 75 million jobs, while creating another 133 million (World Economic Forum).

Why AI/ML matters!🧐
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have applications in all types of industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare and life sciences, travel and hospitality, financial services, and energy, feedstock, and utilities. Use cases include:

  • Manufacturing — Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Retail — Up-selling and cross-channel marketing
  • Healthcare and life sciences — Disease identification and risk mitigation
  • Travel and hospitality — Dynamic pricing
  • Financial services — Risk analytics and regulation
  • Energy — Energy demand and supply optimization

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Why should one learn AI/ML? 🤔

  • Bright career prospects
  • The skill of the century
  • Exciting technology to learn and work with
  • Higher pay scales

Conferences are one of the best places to get exposed to the latest and best in the emerging technologies, network with like-minded professionals, listen from experts to learn and up-skill.

KonfHub is excited to bring AI Dev Day- a single day virtual conference on AI and Cloud happening on 26th September.

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AI Dev Day is a developer-focused one day conference which takes you through the latest and best of AI on Cloud, along with best practices and demos on real-life use cases. Want to make your ML models a bit more precise? Or quickly deploy your models? Then this event is for you!

The Level 300–400 sessions are focused on the theme “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on Cloud Technologies” to bring out the best and latest in the fields of AI & ML!

The sessions are followed by exciting activities that can earn you cool prizes along with some knowledge.🏆

Register here for FREE:

Session Highlights 📢

We also have specially curated learning resources, that will scale up your AI knowledge and help you learn better!

These learning resources will help you learn about 👇:

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We don’t want your models to be like the above picture 😉, participate in AI Dev Day, learn tips and tricks from industry experts, save your model from being under fitted like the picture above. 👆

Automate, build, create with AI, and make your solutions quick, reliable, easy with Cloud. Sounds like a plan? Follow us on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to not miss our live streams! Who knows this event might be the gateway to your new solution? 🤔

What if you are not able to view the event live? Or want to implement what has been presented by the speakers? 🤔We have you covered! We want all you star-gazers to star our GitHub repository and get all event-related updates! 👩‍💻

Event details:

  • Conference date: 26th September 2020,
  • Time: 11 am to 4 pm IST
  • Speakers: Amanda Wong, Devanshi Thakar, Akanksha Malik, Amy Boyd, Gary Pretty, Pulkit Agarwal, Niloshima Srivastava, Syed Farhan Ahmad, and Priyanka Shah.
  • Number of participants: 1000+
  • Target audience: Developers, Leads, Architects, R&D Directors, Startups/ Entrepreneurs, Data Scientists, AI & ML Enthusiasts

The event is FREE and is open for everyone to attend. Register now to not miss an update.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our amazing community partners! 🤝

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P.S - Throughout this month, we are holding various social media contest, through which, you can learn and win exciting prizes! 🤩🏆

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