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What updates do we have from Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Ignite 2020 brought some great updates for the Power Platform community. They said, "We have an app for almost everything, for enterprise apps, we need PowerApps and the entire Power Platform". πŸ€“

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It's time for developers and fusion developers to unite, as new updates in Power Platform bring in new capabilities with Microsoft Azure. ⚑

πŸ“’ Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Azure API Management now seamlessly work together to allow developers to scale Power Apps solutions with custom connectors hosted in Azure.
πŸ“’ Power Platform is integrated into GitHub, the place where developer teams collaborate on projects.
πŸ“’ Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Microsoft Azure Bot Framework are now connected to allow developers and business users to build bots together.
πŸ“’ Microsoft Power Automate Desktop allows developers to automate desktop activities as part of their solutions using the new desktop client or through APIs.

With the world being engulfed by a deadly pandemic, more of work is virtual and there has been an ever-increasing demand in apps. The demand in apps is much higher than the work-force. Microsoft Power Platform has taken up the "App-gap" challenge. The challenge is to build 500 million apps in 5 years.

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While 97% of the fortune companies now use the Power Platform, it is a skill, that can help anyone from career changers to beginners. Explore the Powers of Power Platform and know about its endless capabilities.

Another fascinating announcement of the Power Platform is GitHub Action support.

With GitHub actions, we can build workflows and deploy them into our Power Platform solution. The release of GitHub actions for the Power Platform will greatly improve the ability and efficiency of enabling code-first and low-code teams to work together seamlessly as a fusion team.

The Teams+PowerApps power pack now let's customizing teams with built-in Power Platform capabilities.

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Oh, wait! Among all the great updates, did I just miss the shiny new icons? 🀩
Here's a preview πŸ‘‡

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Some of the tweets that show Power Platform is more than just a technology! πŸ‘‡

Are you excited about the new updates? There's only one right answer πŸ‘‡

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What is your favorite update? Let me know in your comments below πŸ‘‡

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