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How to learn JavaScript 4 - just in 5 steps by Hanfelix369


Hey.. Welcome to my world.. I'm your mentor hanfelix369

So today I'm gonna tell you how to learn JavaScript in 4 simple steps.. First of all I'm an Javascript full stack developer and I really love Javascript but real thing is I really never watched Javascript tutorial like web series.. I just followed 5 simple steps and I leant complete js with react in just 2 months.. So lets start..

Step 1.. Never just watch tutorial

See just like you everyone is learning from tutorial or courses.. As an web series after sometime when they finish all the course they Come on their code editor and bang they don't know anything.. Cuz if you want to lean anything you should as well as implement that learnings..
if you want to to learn anything you should after learning implement that like if I'm watching video about how to make button in html css so after watch video I should open my code editor and try to write code if I feel I forgot something again I should open then video and see that code and again write it

So At all first thing is implement learnings

Step 2.. Never remember code

See when I was learning bootstrap 3 I was just remembering the components code like I was again and again creating navigation bar buttons and all the components without understanding the code

_Thing thing was really wrong _
Programming language is just like language you should understand it not remember it

You should know what is the meaning of this or that thing.. Just never try to remember code like donkey.
Understand like human

Step 3.. Recall the code

See I'm an full stack developer and sometimes I work in javascript sometimes I work in java or python at that time when I switch to Javascript or python after 3 to 6 months.

I forget Javascript syntax

So that time I just look at my notes or Google that thing just like how to arrow function in javascript I just recall it by reading it or just makings simple thing from it

So if you are a beginner and try to learn JavaScript.. You should learn syntax and then try to learn some more things after that you should take a little break like 1 day and then try to recall all that things you will notice.. Its getting hard to recall if yes then again try to understand and learn

Step 4.. Create some stuff

See when I was learning css I was just learning properties and fonts.. Colors...width.. Hight etc.. But after 2 months I realized i'm taking alot of time to learn it so one I day I decided to create my first web site and when i was creating the site.. Something wierd happened a lot of things that I leant in last 2 months i wasn't to know how to use them together.. So what i did if i needed full hight and full width of div I searched on Google and bang it was the combination of 2 properties width:100%; height :100; so that time I realized if i make one project every day I can able to learn all the properties not only learn I can able to understand how the things learn. So if you are at any level of Javascript or any other programming language you should start making projects now.. If you don't know where to start just go on Google and ask 5 simple Javascript projects, 5 simple react projects and great now you can learn easily... So thats it follow for more and share your learning experience... With me

Thanks for joining My world hanfelix369

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