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Interview gone wrong!

"Employers often forget that interviews are not a one-sided affair. An interviewee is assessing your suitability as an employer just about as much as you are assessing theirs as an employee."

I walked into this interview session already feeling like this might not end well. When I look back, this should have been my first huge red flag and I would have avoided this whole unnecessary experience.

I got to the venue early (15 minutes), I normally use this time to asses the current employees' mood and interaction as I watch quietly from a distance. The office had no receptionist so I didn't get the chance to introduce myself and why I was there.

When it was time for my interview to start, they kept me waiting another whole 15 minutes and by the time I got into the room, the panellists didn't seem to have been bothered by their tardiness.

How exactly did this interview go wrong? I really should have walked away when:

  1. The panel introduced themselves and then the "boss" tasked me to recite their names - I guess to test my memory skills?

  2. They asked me details about my personal life to which I answered openly only to get the annoying question, "Do you have a social life now that you are a wife and mother?"

  3. I asked for clarity on my JD and was told it might include wiping tables or even making lunch for the team - I guess this was to be on a light note?

At the end of the interview, I walked away feeling so deflated. I hoped they would never contact me regarding this initial interview but alas! they did and they requested me to come the following week for a technical test. I declined this request explaining that my JD was not clearly stated during the initial interview and wished them well.

Why are interviews so draining though?

PS: I'm looking for Android Developer jobs, please reach out to me if you have any helpful leads

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