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Dragos Bulugean
Dragos Bulugean

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How I Learned React and Built Archbee

As a developer, you know it's not good to stay in your comfort zone for too long. Technology changes too fast.

So after a couple of years of doing backend Java, I tried to learn frontend.

That was 2013, when Angular 1 came around.

I learned Angular and I enjoyed it, but went back to doing backend with Node.js for a couple years.

When React came along, I didn't think it would get big.

Like a lot of other developers.

Boy was I wrong...

But in 2015 I recognized I was wrong when I read all the material about React's philosophy.

So I learned React on the side, as I was also doing consultancy on backend Java.

That turned out to be a really good choice because it allowed me to not rely on other developers to build a full product.

When my first idea came along, I built it myself in 2 months in my spare time.

That was Archbee v1, a diagramming app for software architects.

It failed to get traction on its own, so I tried something else.

The foundation for the second idea was that documentation for software teams was an unsolved problem.

Documentation is much more than text.

It's diagrams, API docs, notes, know-how, bottlenecks, legacy information, changelogs and so on.

But no solution existed that would address all those usecases so I decided to build Archbee v2 as a documentation tool for developers and dev teams.

Give it a shot at and let us know what you think of it.

P.S. We have some dev teams that say they prefer it to Notion!

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Abdi Adan


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Dragos Bulugean

thanks Abdi!

what are you working on?

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Abdi Adan • Edited

Right now? Just my portfolio website at, and looking for my first Software Dev Job : ) Nothing Much