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Have you tried these cool CSS Games?

There are many topics in CSS which require practice to master.
Here I will be sharing some of the CSS games which I found worth trying if you want to make a strong grip on CSS.

1. CSS Battle

Compete with thousands of people by playing different CSS based games and completing various challenges.

Alt Text

2. Flexbox Froggy

Guide Froggy to the lilypad using Flexbox properties. This game is fantastic to visualize flexbox properties as you practice them.

Alt Text

3. CSS Diner

Have you ever felt confused using CSS Selectors? Well, this game is for you. Write different CSS Selectors to place different objects as mentioned.

Alt Text

4. Grid Garden

CSS Grids is a must to learn and it gives a solution to the menace of aligning the content.
Gird Garden is possibly the best way to get a good grip on CSS Grid.

Alt Text

5. Flexbox Defense

Yet another way to practice flex-box properties.

Alt Text

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durbonca profile image
Manuel Duran

anyone try the flexbox zombies...? seems pretty cool...

hardikchopra profile image
Hardik Chopra

Noted 👍 Surely gonna try it 😃

aruns128 profile image
Arunkumar Subramani

flex-box game i like so much.

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