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How to start learning web development (mean and mern stack) in 2021 ?

Harendra Kumar Kanojiya
I am FSD (Full-stack developer) and I have expertise with Angular ,PHP, Node JS, Laravel, Codeigniter and front end.
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Hello Guys, I am here with a very common question which comes to mind when we decide to start learning something to get jobs in our college days, so I decided to try to answer this question according to my experience. This article will help freshers who want to start learning web development but don’t know how to start. Here I am guiding you to start your journey to become a mean or mern web developer in 2021.
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What is mean/mern stack web development?

These stacks are used to develop the frontend and backend of our application with the help of 4 technologies each for database, backend front end and server. The technologies used in both stacks are as follows –


Mongo Db (No SQL Database), Express Js (Web Framework), Angular (Frontend), Node Js (Backend).


Mongo Db (No SQL Database), Express Js (Web Framework), React (Frontend), Node Js (Backend).

How to start ?

To start full-stack web development we need knowledge of one of the mean or mern stack and Html and Css for designing the application. So I am going to provide the list in a serial manner to start learning and I will also suggest available resources.


Html stands for Hypertext Markup Language which is used to display data on the webpage. Here is the video for the Crash course of HTML for more details –


CSS (cascading style sheets) is used to design the web page to look better, it is providing animation and responsive web designing. Here is the link of the crash course –

Javascript –

Javascript is a client-side and server-side scripting language which is used to create web application more interactive and also used to develop dynamic websites. Here is the link of the crash course –

Angular or React –

Angular is a framework and React Js is a library of javascript and both are used to develop the single page application (frontend). Here are links to the crash course.

Angular –

React –
Node Js – Node js is the framework of javascript used to develop the backend of the application. Crash course link –

Express –

Express Js is a node js framework to which is used to develop the backend of the application and apis. Crash course link –

Mongo DB –

It is a document-based database (No SQL Database) used to store data of the application. Crash course –


If you don’t have any knowledge of any frontend framework then I recommend learning REACT JS (MERN stack) because of 2 main reasons

React is a library of Javascript so it has a small learning curve.

It is becoming popular more than Angular so it will also help to get a job quickly.


This guide is all about how to start learning and web development and which technologies are required to start because as a beginner we have a lot of questions. I hope this article will help to answer these questions.

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