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LetsGrowMore Web Development Internship Experience

Hello everyone, I have successfully completed the web Development Internship at LetsGrowMore by completing the Task-1 and Task-2 assigned by them.

Task-1:Single-Page Website
Technologies used:HTML,CSS,javascript
Code Editor:Visual Studio Code

Task-1 Experience:

I have learnt HTML,CSS and javascript for designing this website. I have learnt so many new things about CSS and its purposes. This Internship helped me to know more about javascript. It was a great learning experience.

Task-2:Web Application Using Create-React-App
Technologies Used:HTML,React js,Javascript,CSS
Code Editor:CodeSandBox

Task-2 Experience:

I have learnt React JS to complete this Web Application. This is a simple web application to display the users of brand while clicking in the get users button. It was a great learing experience.

I would like to thank Mr.Aman Kesarwani and LetsGrowMore for giving me this opportunity to work on the projects based on Web Development. Through this Internship I have learnt and gained a lot of practical knowledge in the field of Web Development.
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