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Which Programing Language you Learn First

i know you have a question we have so many programing language which i learn first is this C, or Java or some thing else

i know that pain, i can feel

Who am i

hey, i am a frontend Full stack web developer, and i have 2+ years of expreince.

What you learn first

firs of all choice your path if you want to go with frontend then the path is differnt and if you want to go with backend then the path is different.


if you want to be web developer and you are interset in frontend then go JavaScript, because the web is build is javascript, and you should master it.

here the roadmap for javascript

  • variable (let vs const)
  • loops
  • conditional
  • function
  • es6 syntax
  • async/await
  • fetch api
  • callback
  • and many more....

for who they are interest in frontend and want to be a frontend developer than highly suggestion go with javascript


who those are interest in backend and some server side logic so you have so many choice you have : python, javascript, php, ruby, java

pick one of these and master the language, this blog is for who are they beginner level skill set.

so i suggestion go with python or javascript. pick one of theese . if you are still confused pick javascript becasue you need to learn one language and doing 100 thing.

javascript is server side platefrom called node.js.
node.js is javascript run time made by google and it's based on v8 engine.

node.js is a easy and fast way to learn backend. in node.js you need to use express.js, express.js a web framework based on node.js thats made node simply for you

now i thing you are all clear.

if your are a beginner than start with javascript and you havesome

exprence than go with python.

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