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Why linux is better for Developers

Why Linux is better for Developers

Linux - a open source and free to use softwere, as a developer we ca see the code and make changes and try it our own.

Why use Linux

in linux to can do any things using command line tool (terminal). you can install any things using terminal command using apt package manager

sudo apt install yourFileName
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Every time you use terminal

in linux you should use terminal all the time and it's sound like scary but it is not,

when you use terminal you have more control and accessible, long story short you have all the power, that things i most loved in lunix

If you don't know terminal command then

it is ok to not know the command, when you don't know how to write command and how to use terminal then its sound like very danger but it not belive me, using terminal is very easy and a good felling

basic of Linux command

you don't need to master teminal if you use linux ther are some command ,

  • cd - stand for chagne directory

  • ls - stand for list

  • pwd - stand for priend working directory

  • touch - stand for making any file using touch command

  • mkdir - stand for making any for folder (make directory)

  • cat - stand for concat but you can use thing command for showing file

this command is most use when you terminal

Props of linux

there are some props of using Lunix,

  • you can customize you lunix any operating system like masOS or windows,
  • you have all the power
  • if you pc is low end then Lunix runing your pc faster
  • using lunix you pc runfast
  • if you want to exprence Macos the try Lunix


  • nothing

overall Linux

  • you can use Lunix (free)
  • you are the king of you pc when you use Lunix
  • Linux is faster then windows
  • Linux is made for developers
  • Linux feel like masos

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martinromario55 profile image
Martin Romario Ntuwa

Okay, I hate this debate because it makes no sense. Windows can do everything linux does and more. It can even run linux.
It may take you 6 months to a year trying to under stand linux. You are also indirectly required to learn BASH. Not all developers use BASH.
Most developers are gamers as well, and some games don't run on linux.
Linux feels like macOs, but not everyone in the world uses Apple products. In fact, I never used any apple product until I was in my 20s.
PWAs only work with Chrome on Linux, so you can't do that much testing.
I believe the speed of the pc also depends on it's processor speed plus RAM.

Okay, I'm not trying to disregard the power of linux, but there are some things you cannot compare, for example Android or IOS, Automatic cars or Manual cars, VSCode or any other IDE, Chrome or Mozilla, Choosing a programming language, Mother or Father, Premier Pro or Final Cut, Pro Tools or Logic...
Linux is always an alternative you can forego and lose nothing.

anthonylgf profile image
Anthony Louis

I agree with you, as developers and tech lovers we need to know and experiment a little bit of each different technology.

The only part that I think different from you is that we must compare these technologies, not to defend the one we believe is better but to know when mas how to use each one correctly

martinromario55 profile image
Martin Romario Ntuwa

Yes, we can compare but we cannot come to a definite conclusion on which technology is better. Like I cannot say that I use VSCode for some type of programming and I use Atom for another and Sublime for something else. That's the same thing with Operating Systems. it's not like you can switch any time you want, not unless you're testing your code. But I have friends who are very comfortable with Linux and nothing you say can change their minds, and others are just into Apple stuff, and as a person who uses Windows, I cannot change unless if I'm paid to do so. I've used all operating systems before, but I still prefer Windows.

P.S. If you want to start a war, just go on any platform and start comparing IDEs. Coders can die for their IDEs.