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9 Content Marketing Tips That Can Be Used In Mobile App Development

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The idea of using content to attract customers and gain followership is not exactly new, it is almost as old as the internet itself. What's unique, however, is the rebranding of the idea and its formalization, hence tagging it with the name "content marketing". Content marketing goes beyond writing a few quality posts and publishing occasionally. An effective content marketing campaign requires careful planning, research and doggedness to succeed.

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in digital marketing. In fact, you cannot effectively talk about digital marketing without content marketing. Content marketing is important in social media marketing, email marketing, Pay Per Click marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc.

If you are yet to develop a content marketing strategy for your brand then it is high time you did. Below are some very important content marketing tips that can be utilized for mobile app development;

1. Define your audience:

Your audience will determine the nature and type of your content. Therefore, it is important to define your target audience before you start producing content. Important parameters pertaining to your audience that will determine the nature of your content includes; age, geographical location, political and cultural affiliation, interests, likes and dislikes etc. A proper knowledge of your audience will put you in the best position to deliver engaging content to them.

2. Create a writing style:

For an effective content strategy campaign and engaging write-ups, it is important to have a defined writing style. All content produced on your blog, website, social media platform must follow a definite precise pattern. You stand a better chance of capturing readers attention and holding it with a defined writing pattern. You will have a group of people who would just love to read what you have to offer.

But once you decide on a writing style, care must be taken not to digress from it. It could ruin almost all you have worked for. For example, if your writing style has always been short, secular and fun, you will startle your audience greatly if your post suddenly becomes long, political and serious. Create a writing style and stick to it.

3. Reuse and Repurpose your content:

As one of the app development companies, a few times in your writing career you will create content that is worthy of an award and will go viral. Such inspiration will never come all the time as such you must learn how to reuse and repurpose. Learn to adapt your content to fit other formats. Take, for instance, if a post on your blog enjoyed widespread readership and shares, you could reformat it for posting on your Facebook or Twitter handle, or you could design an infographic on it and share it on your Instagram account.

4. Aim for evergreen content:

While some posts have a defined shelf life others are ever important. News and news-related contents are only useful for a short while. But self-help, tips, and advice can be useful for a very long time and continue to gather traffic month or even years after publishing. To be one of the app development companies aim for content that will remain valuable for a very long time.

5. Make use of the right tool:

There are several tools that can make content marketing much easier and effective. A good example is Google's Keyword Planner. This tool is effective at identifying keywords, phrases, and terms that are most searched for in the search engine. After identifying these keywords, contents can be created around it or to target the specific keyword. This strategy helps to ease stress for app development companies; they don't really have to do so much work to know what to write on and what not.

6. Identify your content marketing goals:

In order to create engaging contents capable of benefiting your readers, you need to identify what your goals for content marketing are. What do you aim to achieve through content marketing? Why are you doing it? Are you trying to gain new customers? Or do you want to improve exposure for your brand? Do you want to improve search engine ranking? Answering some of these questions will help app development companies to develop some major goals and with these clear goals in mind, they can better work towards an aim.

7. Ask for feedback:

As one of the app development companies, never be afraid of your readers or customers. Never be afraid to ask for feedback from them. Your customers/readers are in the best position to know how reliable your contents are and to suggest to you changes that you can make to create better content. Get in the habit of adding call-to-action to your content, something as simple as "let us know what you think" can go a long way in influencing your readers to suggest ideas that can help your content marketing campaign.

8. Be original:

As one of the app development companies, if you want to stand out in your content marketing campaign then you have to create content that is unique and can hardly be found elsewhere. The internet is filled with contents that are just mere rewrites of other content. Having your own ideas, your own voice, and opinion is one sure way stand out from the rest. This way, your readers will know that what appears on your platform will always be original and not copied from other sources.

9. Let your content be readable:

Regardless of how enticing the title of your content may be or the subject matter it discusses, if your content is poorly formatted then you would lose readers as fast they came. The attention span of online readers is pretty short. One thing that is certain to turn them off is huge, long, paragraphs. Such bad paragraphing create difficult to read content.

A better writing behavior is to break these huge blocks of text into smaller section/paragraphs, allowing for sufficient white spaces. Content with sufficient white spaces and smaller paragraphs allow for easier reading. You can also make use of headings and sub-headings to create better contents. The use of images and charts to illustrate and emphasize points can also be effective for content marketing.

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